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I haven’t updated my blog since forever. My bad. I can’t find anything to write about and I was so busy with my daughter and everything. 

Anyways, I just wanted to tell the whole world that….


Yes! We are expecting another one. As of this writing I am 26 weeks along. 

I was just so amazed with this pregnancy. With my first one, I had this condition called “incompetent cervix” and the doc had to stitch up my cervix just to prevent miscarriage. With this little one, everything is so smooth, except for mild spotting due to SCH which eventually went away with medications. 

A woman’s body never really ceases to amaze me. At first, I was so afraid to get pregnant again because of Incompetent Cervix, but still everything is turning out fine as we approach our 3rd trimester. 

I really hope everything’s well til our delivery. 


IMG_5315-0.JPGI woke up this morning feeling a bit sad. I dreamt of my mom. It’s sad because she already passed away 8 years ago, and dreaming of her makes me miss her again. And I dream of her every time I am going through something.


We’ve been in school for two weeks now. She’s doing great actually.

I really want to share this incident with my daughter yesterday. I first posted this in a mommy group on Facebook.


“My daughter got a star yesterday and she proudly showed it to me and I hugged her because of that. She removed the star sticker from her uniform and placed it on my shirt and yelled, “a star for mommy!”

Being a SAHM, I have to give up a lot of things for her just to make sure she will grow up right.

A little innocent gesture.

I swear…my heart swells with so much joy until now. ❤️

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I can vividly remember this day. I was a 28-year-old new mom who just gave birth and trying to breastfeed. Armed with just the determination to breastfeed, I latched my little one to my breasts and the rest is history. (more…)

It’s Mother’s Day once again. My timeline’s flooded with greetings and photos of moms and their kids hugging, kissing, giving gifts, eating out, etc.

I don’t have any photo like that with my mom. She died 8 years ago. The age where camera phones were  just starting to emerge. I remember I have a Nokia 6600 then – a camera phone with grainy camera, 640 pixel resolution and it’s nowhere HD. But I was able to capture a photo of my mom using that phone before she left.

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