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This is a new recipe I got from Joy of Baking.

It’s like cheesecake on top soft chocolate brownies. My brownies turned out to be a little mushy and I really don’t know why. Maybe the next time I make it, it will be perfect. I also did not achieve that marble effect because I just swirled the batter through the cream cheese layer; it should be swirled up to the brownie layer.

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Red Velvet cupcakes are miniature version of the famous Red Velvet cake. It is usually topped with cream cheese frosting or buttercream frosting. Actually, this soft and moist cupcake is just chocolate cake with red food color. The red color gives it a more appetizing appearance than a regular chocolate cupcake but more or less, they have that same chocolate-y flavor, and its color goes really well with white frosting.


my not-so-red Red Velvet Cupcake


Banana nut muffins make a great snack or breakfast and as with other muffins, it is best paired with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee.

This muffin uses the same recipe as the Banana Chocolate Chip muffin. The only difference is that instead of chocolate chips, we will fold in walnuts to add that crunch to our soft muffin bread.

Walnuts not only taste great but are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which we all know are really good for the heart. Read more about walnut nutrition here.  Walnuts and bananas make a healthy and yummy combination.

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After my Blueberry Muffin experience, it’s now time to make a more complicated muffin recipe.

Banana is one of the most nutritious food around. It’s rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C,  Fiber, and Potassium (read more about bananas here). This makes it a healthy muffin, and the added chocolate makes it really yummy.

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I have been baking for a few weeks now. I really wanna try some other recipes. Some of them call for chocolate chips. But chocolate chips here are hard to find. In order to try those recipes, I need to improvise so I searched on how to make chocolate chips.