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This is great read for moms who are excited to feed their babies and for moms who are already feeding their babies.

I learned in Breastfeeding Pinays that Cerelac, Gerber, and other processed baby food are considered junk food for baby. My kid is 3 years old now and if I could turn back time, I will never ever give her those junk. Good thing she just had them for a few months and stopped before she turned one year old. Yes they taste really good but they are not as healthy as real food. We should work more on teaching our kids to eat healthy, encourage them to eat more fruits and veggies. Instead of buying those mashed food in a jar, we should invest more time and effort in preparing our kid’s meals. Not just that they are healthy, but we also know all the ingredients we put in them.


Exact words…this is soooo worth to read.

Ever since we brought our new daughter home, her older brothers have been the first to tell me when she is crying, whimpering, or smelling a little suspicious.  “Somebody needs you,” they say.  I have no idea how this little saying started, but at first it sort of annoyed me.  I could be enjoying a quick shower… “Mommy, somebody needs you.  The baby is crying.”  Or, sitting down for a second, quite aware that the baby was beginning to stir from a nap…. “Mama, somebody needs you!”  Okay!  I get it already!  And not to mention that the newborn’s needs pale in comparison to the needs of 2 little boys.  Somebody always needs a snack, a band-aid, a different sock, ice cubes in their water, a NEW Paw Patrol, a stream of snot wiped, a hug, a story, a kiss.  Some days never seem to end, and the monotony of being “needed”…

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I saw this on my Facebook feed. I love, love this poem. It instantly reminded me to slow down and cherish every moment with my daughter. She needs me. All the time.

I sometimes ignore because I’m busy cooking our dinner, or I have to hang the clothes to dry. I get my phone and check emails or see what’s going on with my friends and I feel her hands tugging my pants, calling for attention. Most of the time, I tell her to wait but after reading this, I realized that those things can wait…my baby can’t.

If you’ve already seen the movie Fireproof, you know what these Love Dare means.



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Here’s a poem written by a mom.