Driving 101

Posted: November 9, 2014 in Everything Misang
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Our new baby arrived last week. I already know a bit of driving but never got to drive on a real road. So when this baby arrived, I was forced excited to learn again and take this gorgeous thing out on the road.

20141031 (112)

I enrolled at AJC Driving Institute in Malolos for a 5-hour refresher. I don’t want to practice with my car so I enrolled instead.

My first day with Mr. Arnel Corpuz, the instructor, was concentrated with parking. We drove first from Malolos to Baliuag and brushed up on my left and right turns through narrow streets, how to pass through an intersection (with no traffic lights), and curved roads. Then we drove from Baliuag to Waltermart in Plaridel for the parking lessons.

He taught me the very tricky reverse parking and front perpendicular parking, which I can already do since I can get my car in and out of the garage. I never knew there’s science in parking – the position of your car’s side mirror, angles, etc., every inch counts so you don’t leave a dent on your car or the other cars. I reverse-parked the car smoothly (yey!) but I don’t know if I can do it myself (I don’t want to risk it).

Second day, I drive through NLEX (North Luzon Expressway) from Pulilan to San Simon Exit. I can feel the rush as the odometer reads 90kph. I have never driven that fast before!

Then we drove from San Simon to San Fernando town proper, concentrating on lane changes, stop lights, pedestrian lanes and all. Then we went to what he calls “Little Baguio” with sharp-curved roads (with open drainage on the side) and the road ended with a narrow steel bridge.

After that, we went to this area with lots of humps. It was pretty easy. Next lesson was maneuvering in the middle of the road, with other cars approaching. I never knew that measurements are also applied with that. It’s pretty amazing that I was able to do it in one go.

The next one was U-turn. We did U-turn in an open road and the one with the barriers. So now I’m pretty confident with my u-turns.

Then we parked inside Robinson Starmills where again, we reviewed reverse parking and perpendicular parking. He also taught me the parallel parking. I never knew it was that easy. But the tricky part is always the first position of the car.

After almost 30 minutes of parking, we drove off to NLEX again. This time I was able to hit the 100kph mark!

I learned a lot in that whole 5-hour refresher course. Now, I can drive my car with confidence on the road and park and managed not to get honked by rushing drivers behind me. It’s now easier for me and my kid to go anywhere. I just need lots of practice.


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