Preschool Adventures: School Activities

Posted: September 28, 2014 in Misang's Baby Iya

I realized I haven’t been writing about our new milestone – preschool!

This is very exciting for both of us. She’s so excited every time she goes to school. SHe always hugs her teachers everyday, she even looks for the. during weekends. And her behavior in the classroom, and at home, has improved a lot. Hindi na siya magulo sa classroom, she sits with her classmates and listens to her teacher. Before daw kasi she would just play or roam around the classroom. She can now even finish her seat works. She’s also more obedient now and ang laki ng improvement sa speech and interaction niya. 

Here the some photos of our school adventures.


misangsjournal (101) misangsjournal (102)

misangsjournal (103)

first star

misangsjournal (104)

first day in uniform


misangsjournal (105)

supermarket tour with pre-k class

misangsjournal (107)

inside the supermarket

misangsjournal (106)

inside the supermarket

misangsjournal (109)

nutrition month celebration. she dressed up as a strawberry. They also performed Bahay-Kubo

FIRST QUARTER: her excellence in music was recognized in the first quarter of the school year. And she also got an a average on her academics.

misangsjournal (108)


misangsjournal (110)

my baby girl in her costume

misangsjournal (111)

with some of her classmates

misangsjournal (112)

nursery class in their Filipiniana costumes. They performed Sampung mga Daliri


misangsjournal (113)

I was assigned to read a story to them. I read the book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

misangsjournal (114)

Photo with the nurseries

misangsjournal (115)

My baby girl as the butterfly in the LIteracy Month school program. They performed “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”

misangsjournal (116)

with some of her caterpillar classmates

So that’s it. We are really looking forward to more school activities. 🙂


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