Dream House Project 12

Posted: May 21, 2014 in Misang's Dream House Project
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Last Sunday was the day I have been looking forward to since last year.


waiting to be hauled into their new home

We moved in our things already.

There’s nothing special about the date. Luck tells me it has to have an 8 on it. So I decided May 18 to be our move-in day. And it’s a Sunday too so I think this is the perfect day for us.

My aunt also told me some practices for moving into a new home. These includes moving in early in the morning and bringing in first a jar each of water, salt, and rice for good luck. And because we are Catholics, aside from the aforementioned, I also brought in first a rosary and a Bible.


move-in essentials


my dad helped me out on everything


tada!!! feels like home already


But we can’t sleep in there just yet. There are still people working in our unit. The fence need it’s final color and the gates are not yet installed



I really hope we can already spend our first night in our new home soon.

We’ll keep you posted.


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