It’s Mother’s Day once again. My timeline’s flooded with greetings and photos of moms and their kids hugging, kissing, giving gifts, eating out, etc.

I don’t have any photo like that with my mom. She died 8 years ago. The age where camera phones were  just starting to emerge. I remember I have a Nokia 6600 then – a camera phone with grainy camera, 640 pixel resolution and it’s nowhere HD. But I was able to capture a photo of my mom using that phone before she left.

20051214 (100)

I clearly remember the moment I took this photo. It was December 14, 2005. We were at the doctor’s clinic for her check up. I told her that I will take a photo of her. She brushed her hair and put powder on her face and smiled at me. That’s it. Nothing really special happened.

It’s just that she left a few months after I took this photo, the only one on my mobile phone. Just her. No photo of us together.

At this age and time, it is so easy to take your camera phone and snap any photo. You can take a hundred or thousands of photos as long as your memory card will let. I have photos almost 10 years old, still stored in CDs and memory sticks. That’s how sentimental I am.

Now that I have my own child, every moment is worth taking a photo of. I want to freeze and keep every single memory we have and we will have. There was never a day that she and I will not have a “selfie“.

IMG_2402IMG_2519IMG_2596IMG_2538Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetIMG_2549

Every moment is a memory. So go ahead, make memories and take photos of them. Don’t be shy when your wife or your kid wants to take a silly picture of you. It’s how we preserve memories, memories that can be kept and looked at over and over again, memories that will bring back the warmth of that exact moment when you took it.

And here’s a list I got from a mommy website. I am so gonna do all of these with my child.




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