One Case, So Many Washi

Posted: April 24, 2014 in Everything Misang
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I started getting inquiries about my #OneCaseSoManyWashi hashtag on Instagram so I decided to post a tutorial on how to make the perfect washi-fied iPhone case.


I love decorating my case with tapes. It’s my only iPhone case but I got so many washi so I can always redecorate. It’s really easy, you just need a lot of practice…and patience.


You will need Washi tape of your choice (use the glossy ones), metal iphone case (Php88 from Daiso), cutter


I got my case at Daiso for Php 88. Choose the one with the groove on the edges


first row


using your fingernails, press the tape to the edge of the case


using the cutter, carefully trace and cut along the edge of the case using the groove as your guide.


the top and bottom part of the case are always the tricky part


for the camera hole (and logo hole), cut the excess into small strips


this is how the back will look like


second row. just cut with minimal excess


same as the first, press and then cut along the groove


using your nails, always press the edges so the tape will stick inside the groove


just repeat the steps until the last row of tape is done. just stick, press, cut, and press again.


Finished product

Let me know if you loved my craft. Follow me on Instagram, @akosimisang


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