We already started with our additional house construction – tileworks and fence. The works commenced last Monday (March 24). Mostly material deliveries and preparation of the site. The actual construction started around two days after that. As of yesterday, April 1, here are the accomplishments:

20140401 01

floor toppings on one of the bedrooms

20140401 04

the rear side fence is almost done

20140401 05

right side fence almost done

20140401 03

foundations on the garage part of the fence is done

20140401 06


20140401 07

excavation for the rest of the fence

Everything’s done a bit fast because we have a deadline to meet. We were issued a permit where there is a due date for the construction.

If you happen to have a property in Camella Provence, here are the steps that you might need to start renovations and other private constructions:

1. You need to submit technical plans along with the bill of materials to the engineering department for approval. Make sure that you meet the requirements for the construction and you have all the necessary documents listed on the turnover document. You may have to wait for a week or two or do a lot of follow-ups because the engineers in the office tend to overlook your request because “they have a lot of things to do”.

2. After approval, you will pay the construction bond (amount depending on the type of work)

3. You will be issued a construction permit.

4. Go to the clubhouse to secure gate passes for the materials to be delivered, IDs of the workers, and other documents needed.

So there, will post more updates soon.

  1. Rachel cruz says:

    Hi, happy to see that your house was almost finished already:) how about the fences how much have it cost by your contractor? Nagpaextend din po ba kayo ng kitchen? Our house was almost done narin.. Our contractor was the one who installed the tiles… I hope by next month everythings will be ok na… We dnt still have budget for the fences, maybe by december pa… Magkano inabot ng fences nyo? Thanks..

    • marissa says:

      Hi! I sent you an email regarding sa contractor. Sorry can’t disclose the contract price kasi may mga kasama pa yung mga ibang works bukod sa fence at tileworks. Hindi rin kami nagpaextend muna. Wait kami siguro at least a year para lumabas muna lahat ng problema sa bahay.

  2. Mark says:

    Pasend din po ko ng contructor nyo.. salamat po..

  3. Abby says:

    Hi there! Congrats to your new house..its beautiful. Pa send namn po ng contractor nyo..im planning nadin na mag pa fence..Sana lang magkasya un budget..Thanks.

    • marissa says:

      Hi! Thanks for dropping by.

      Nung last na bagyo wala naman nang baha so I guess inayos na nila. Yung ongoing na phase 7 is mukhang ok naman kasi kalevel ng phase 3 na never binaha. Ask your agent na lang regarding that

  4. yssa says:

    hi,pwde ba pascpecify kung ano un list of requirements needed for construction of fence?Thanks!

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