UntitledOur house keys were finally given to us last December 2013. Here are the photos of the turnover unit.

MisangsjournalCamella 01

outside our house

MisangsjournalCamella 02

living area

MisangsjournalCamella 03


MisangsjournalCamella 04

toilet and bath (same as the 2nd level T&B)

MisangsjournalCamella 05


MisangsjournalCamella 06


MisangsjournalCamella 07


MisangsjournalCamella 08


Everything’s good except for the floor. The tile works is not included in the contract. The contractor doesn’t want to take the responsibility of installing the floor tiles because the head office might not allow it so we just asked him to leave the floor ready for tile installation. I did not expect it to be this rough and I had to add more cement toppings just to level the floor. I wasn’t there during the turnover so I did not know about the condition of the floor finish. Anyway, that’s just a minor problem to deal with.

We also had the default tiles in the bathroom installed. My husband and I cannot decide on our bathroom design so we just had the tiles installed (part of the contract). We’ll just change our bathroom once we have a design we both agreed on.

For the kitchen, we had it installed so we’ll have a working kitchen when we move in. We’re planning to have it renovated next year together with the ceiling and the whole interior.

The measurements are OK. No problems with the doors and windows yet. We’ll just have to replace the outlet and switches to our preferred designs. We will also replace the door locks so we’ll be more secured. The main door also needs to be replaced because it has already cracked due to the constant exposure to hot and cold weather.

For the power (Meralco), Camella will be the one to process the application. Ours was applied for last December but until now, we still have no meter. I have to be the one to do the follow-ups and finally the staff from Meralco replied and committed for the meter to be installed next week. The water supply application is easier because Primewater is owned by Villar. Just have to pay for the application fee and the homeowners membership fee and your water meter will be installed in two weeks.

We already applied for the fence permit. I submitted it last March 4 and got the approved plans and permit yesterday, March 13. The engineer in charge actually committed a one-week processing period but he failed to deliver so my husband emailed him and  I had to pay him a visit just so he would speed up the process. That same day, I got the approved plans.

The tile works and landscape doesn’t need any special permit or approval as long as you secure a gate pass from the Property Manager. We paid Php20,000 for the construction bond for the fence, and hopefully get the Php19,300 back immediately after the construction. I have feedback though that some construction bonds take months before it was returned to the owner. I hope ours won’t take that long.

Will update you on our fence construction.

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  2. Lei says:

    Hi! Just wondering how long did it took before Camella did the turn over?

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