Preschool Hunting

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Misang's Baby Iya, Misang's Motherhood Journey

Iya is now on her preschooler stage. She’ll be 3 and half by the time school starts in June. We started searching for schools in our area as early as last year, but it’s just now that I realized how hard it is to find a suitable school for her.

There are no progressive schools in our town, which is initially choice. I also considered putting her in daycare first so she’ll be ready for the big school. But my friends advised me to just bring her straight to a regular school.

We went to one Montessori school in our area and inquired about their school. It’s one of the best schools based on the performance of the students in school meets and entrance exams so I’m pretty confident about bringing my daughter here. After filling up the forms, she was given a sit-in schedule for the teachers to observe her behavior in the class, and to assess her readiness.

Yesterday was her sit-in day. I don’t know how to describe how I feel when I saw her with the other kids.

imageShe did not even cry when her teacher led her to the classroom. The directress asked me to stay in the parents’ area so my daughter won’t be able to see me and get distracted.

And that was the longest 2.5 hours of my life. I don’t even know how she’s doing inside, or if she is behaving well. Finally, the class has ended and the teacher asked me inside their office and here’s what they told me:

-Iya did not cry when she got separated from me.
-She just walked around the classroom
-She participated a bit in the activities but gets up and walks around after a few minutes
-she disturbs other kids in the individual activities

I admit I was a little bit disappointed but hey, how can they assess a child in a one-day observation class? Everything inside that classroom is new to her. The whole environment – lots of kids, structured play, scheduled activities – everything is new to her. They recommended Iya to undergo the summer program so that she’ll get used to the class routine and be more ready for the regular class. It’s a 5-week, everyday summer class.

I don’t mind the summer class actually. It would really help her be ready and besides, we don’t have anything to do this summer so might as well spend it on preparing her for school. It’s just that I don’t think a one-day sit-in class is enough to evaluate a child’s readiness for school.

Anyway, I wished I could have been more attentive to her and taught her how to behave or sit still when needed. I don’t have “teacher-blood” in my veins and I don’t know how to teach her skills like that. What I taught her things kids do at school like the Alphabet, basic counting, shapes, colors, etc. but not in a structured way.

Ok, off to our next choice.


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