Happy Heart’s Day!

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Misang Celebrates...

I do not really remember us going out for a V-date. A few years back, while we were still dating, everyday seems like it’s Valentine’s day – we go out after work, have dinner (not the fancy ones), we sit at the parking lot at BGC, spot expensive cars, and talk for hours until midnight, we go home and we see each other again at work.


tambay sa parking lot ng BGC

Special occasions were pretty much spent the same way. We go out and dine or go to a movie. He doesn’t really give me expensive gifts, or flowers. The most I can remember is 2 bouquets and a mobile phone. And believe it or not, we never had any dinner date in one of the restaurants in BGC.

20080214 (102)

our first V-day together

20080214 (100)

we went to MOA to have dinner (at KFC) and we were lucky to catch a free Bamboo concert! How cool is that?! (sorry for the blurry photo…low-technology)

I’m not the high maintenance type (as he describes me). He doesn’t have to be flashy to get my attention. He doesn’t own a fancy car but we had fun riding his motorcycle around Ayala and avoiding the MAPSA because he forgot to bring my helmet. He doesn’t have to feed me with the most expensive food. I’d be happy to have dinner with him at Mini-stop and eat instant noodles and rice and make me laugh til I choke.


riding in tandem (2008)

I appreciate the small, non-expensive things more. The cheap dinner, the movie, and most of all, the conversations and the moments we spend together. Flowers will fade, the mobile phone is now outdated, but the connection we had is still there. The memory of all the dates we had, movies we saw, the places we went to, all the things I learned about him – his views in life, his plans, fears, his opinions shared over a cup of coffee while sitting on the sidewalk are way more important than any material things he can give me.

Don’t get me wrong. I love romance. I read romance novels and cry while turning the pages. I’m just not the mushy romantic type. And we clicked. I know he’s not the type who gives flowers on February and it’s fine with me. I don’t need flowers, I need him to be with me instead.

That’s what I love about our relationship – he doesn’t need to put stuff inside a heart-shaped box just to make me feel loved. No mushy schmushy stuff, no pretensions.

Now that we are already married, everything’s pretty much the same, though our priorities have changed. We still enjoy having dinners at home together and talking to each other. I still get excited when he sometimes gets home with a little something for me. Our lifestyle has changed but we still never expect expensive gifts from each other. Where’s the fun in that if you receive flowers for every occasion God has created? All things unexpected are what keeps the excitement burning.

Valentine’s day isn’t just flowers and chocolates and all the sweet, fancy heart-shaped things. It’s a celebration of love. Make your loved-one feel special in any way that you can without burning a hole in your pocket. And girls, appreciate what your partner can give you. He might not afford to give you a bouquet of expensive red, long-stemmed roses but his presence and never-ending love for you will always be priceless.

And one more thing. Chocolates can make you fat and will damage your teeth. Cheers!


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