Iya Turns 3

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Misang's Baby Iya

December is my baby’s birth month. She will turn 3 this year. She has grown so much both physically and mentally. I refer to this website to know if she’s catching up with her milestones and I am so glad to know that she can do a lot now.

Here’s a list of the things she has done this year. I don’t know if I can list down all of them but here are some:

  • She loves giraffes and other animals. She can name a lot of animals. She has a plastic animal collection and can name them all, even the ones that she doesn’t have.
  • She knows all of her toys; she knows when one of them is missing and won’t stop until she finds it.
  • She loves chocolate bread and chocolate chip cookies but she doesn’t eat chocolates or drink chocolate milk.
  • She loves Sinigang (sour soup).
  • Her building skills have improved. She building things like castles with her wooden blocks.
  • She loves toys that make sounds. She can make a lot of animal sounds and even make up sounds for some of them.
  • Despicable Me and Cars 1 are her favorite movies
  • She already laughs at simple humors
  • She’s almost potty trained already. She can now tell us if she needs to go and ask for her “wiwi” chair (potty chair), and she asks for a diaper if she needs to poop.
  • She still breastfeed.
  • Her cognitive skills were greatly improved this year. She can’t read or write yet but she can recognize some sight words and can spell them. She counts up to 30.
  • She already packs away her toys. Though I taught her that before, it’s just now that she automatically packs her stuff away.
  • She loves to pretend as a princess and wears a crown all the time.
  • She loves to pretend play, like going through a tunnel using our chairs, look at the telescope using hollow tubes, and tents using our blankets.
  • She has learned a lot of new songs this year. I learned to play simple songs in the piano and she sings along with me. She hums familiar tunes and she can even hum Canon by Pachelbel and the waltz music (I don’t know what’s the title).
  • She loves to sing. She sings while taking a bath.
  • She can now communicate to us more clearly; she knows how to ask for what she wants.
  • She loves carousels.
  • She loves airplanes.
  • She’s afraid of bugs and butterflies.
  • She can describe the things around her like “a big, green tree”
  • She now understands time (morning, night) and location (under, behind, beside) better.
  • She can’t answer “what is your name” yet but she knows it’s Iya if she sees a photo of her.
  • She loves to have her picture taken and here are her monthly photos from her 2nd birthday up to now:



We can’t wait to celebrate her 3rd birthday!


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