The Big 3-0

Posted: November 3, 2013 in Misang Celebrates...

I will turn 30 in a few hours. They say it’s normal to re-evaluate your life before you reach 30. It’s a milestone.

A lot of things has happened to me in the past years. Along the way, I have picked up some valuable life lessons and here I am, sharing it with you.


(image from here)

1. Value your friends. I don’t seem to understand how hard it is to make new friends when you are older. In school, two kids share an eraser and instantly, they become friends…some of them remain friends and go through graduations, weddings, baptismals and their kids’ birthdays together. If you are with these people, learn to value them and never lose communication with them even though you are oceans or continents apart.

2. Gratitude is the key to contentment. Count your blessings. Learn to be thankful for every blessing that comes your way.

3. Learn to share. There’s joy in giving and not expecting for something in return.

4. Spend time with your parents. Most of people my age are already married or has children. This is the time that we have fully understood why our parents seem to be hard on us when we were growing up. Spend more time with them because they are not getting any younger.

5. There is no right or wrong decision. You decided on something and you found out you shouldn’t have done it. There is no CTRL+z in life…just deal with it and move on.

6. Mistakes are life’s best teachers. Just make sure you don’t repeat the same mistake too often.

7. Conforming isn’t always fun. Learning how to swim the other way may be equally fun than you think it is.

8. You can never do everything on that before-I-turn 30 list. I do not mean to discourage you but unless you are gifted with lots of time and cash to spare, you can. But there is always something that will add up to that list. Enjoy everything that you can do right now. Life is better when we don’t try to do everything. Learn to enjoy every slice of life given to us.

9. Forgive. It’s hard but forgiving will help you move forward. Yeah, there are times that you will look back but you can always choose to look forward and move on.

10. Failure is better than not trying anything at all.

11. Happiness doesn’t always mean spending a lot. It may be found if you open a good book, have a meaningful conversation with a friend, or a hug from your child.

12. Lower your expectations. Or else you will spend your life complaining about things.

13. Think of your future. You wouldn’t want to be an old man who can’t even buy his own medicine. Start saving as soon as you have your first job and invest early. It’s always never too early to save up for retirement.

14. You can not always have what you want right now… But you can try and work hard to get them.

15. Always make your family the top priority over other things.

16. Stay fit. The metabolism of a 30-year old body isn’t as good as your 20-year-old body anymore.

17. Health is wealth. Need I say more?

18. Time is gold. Yes very clichè but it’s true.

19. Patience is a virtue. As they all say, good things come to those who wait…and work for it. Not to those who wait and sit all day.

20. Read more books. Watch good films amd documentaries. Watch less TV. There are more entertaining things to do than watch a crappy sitcom.

21. Always pay attention to your kids when they ask you something.

22. Spend time with your kids (if you already have one) specially on their first 5 years or so. You can not go back the time they were little kids. They grow up fast so cherish the moment.

23. It’s never too late to have a career. As of now, I am so busy being a mother. I can always do whatever I want when my kid can cook her own meal already.

24. Always say “I love you” to your spouse. There’s no better way of lightening their mood than a heart-felt I Love You. And always seal them with a kiss.

25. Go on a date with your friends once in a while. A face-to-face human interaction will always keep you sane.

26. Don’t be afraid to admit that you’re wrong. Pride will never get you anywhere.

27. Always try to stay positve. Try to see the good in every bad situation. Optimistic people are happier than their counterparts.

28. Control your temper. Accept explanations and move on.

29. Never compare yourself with other people-it will just ignite discontentment. Yeah you see your friends travelling all over Europe, hitting the beach every weekend, a brand new car…yes I’ve been there. I somehow felt the envy but I never dwelled on it. Instead, I learned to appreciate what I have and focused on my own goals.

30. There are a lot more to learn…more destinations to travel, a lot of food to try, more books to read. As the photo above said, “Keep calm, I’m only 30″…and a lot of numbers still come after 30.


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