It’s Not Just a Bag

Posted: October 19, 2013 in Misang in Papua New Guinea, Misang's Travels
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Last week, hubby’s office-mate, the one who always gets a free slice every time I bake something, gave me a bag.

the Bilum Bag

the Bilum Bag

I always see people carry around bags like this. These are hand-made bags made of natural fibre, like abaca in the Philippines but most are made of crocheted yarn or string.

To the people here, Bilums are not just a bag – it’s their cultural icon. And I am surprised to know that these woven bags can also be used as a baby carrier, and most babies in the highlands sleep comfortably in a Bilum. Locals use these bags to carry around a variety of stuff, even groceries. The men use the long-handled ones so they can wear it on their necks or shoulder and most women use the short-handled ones so they can strap it on their foreheads.

a man carrying a colorful Bilum

a man carrying a colorful Bilum

I love it!

It’s so colorful and very spacious inside. It’s some piece of PNG culture I can bring home with me.


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