My Kitchen – Buttercream Graham

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Misang's Kitchen
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Last week, I made Sans Rival but it was an epic fail! I guess nobody gets it right the first time, so I won’t post it here yet.

This afternoon, out of boredom, I decided to make another dessert out of my leftover ingredients. I still have butter, extra icing sugar and graham crackers.

And this is what I came up:


The buttercream tastes like heaven! It’s so soft it melts in your mouth. I did not add sugar in the crust anymore because the buttercream is already too sweet.


Half bar of unsalted butter
3/4 cup icig sugar
1-2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp milk

For the crust:

3-25g packs graham crackers
1/4 bar of butter (you can add more if your crust is still crumbly)

How to:

Set aside some crushed grahams for topping.

In a bowl, blend together crushed graham crackers and melted butter. Mix well.

Press the mixture onto a small pan to make the crust. (I used a microwavable plastic container size).

Set aside in the fridge.

For the buttercream:

Using a stand or hand mixer, beat the butter until pale and fluffy.

Gradually add in the sugar and gradually increase the speed until all the ingredients are incorporated.

Add vanilla extract and milk and continue mixing. The consistency of the buttercream should not be runny. It should be spreadable and smooth.

Put the buttercream in a piping bag and spread it on top of the graham crust until all the mixture is used up. Spreading it using a spatula is a bit messy to do.

Sprinkle crushed graham until the top is fully covered.


If there’s already an existing dessert like this one, please let me know. I tell you this one is worth a try. I will wait for your feedback.

Happy eating! 🙂


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