Random Photos 2: Port Moresby

Posted: September 29, 2013 in Misang in Papua New Guinea, Misang's Travels
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Some photos I wasn’t able to share on my blog.



Birds of Paradise Roundabout

Turtle Art in Koki

Turtle Art in Koki

Ela Beach

20120617 (106)

Hunter Street

20120617 (113)

Yes, there’s a Crowne Plaza Hotel here

20120617 (111)

The Defense House

20120617 (108)

I think this is the BSP main office.

20120617 (107)

Down to Hunter Street

20120617 (115)

Ela Beach

Royal Papua Yacht Club

20121103 (153)

20121103 (117)

20121103 (149)

Other Places

20121027 (101)

inside Nanga Medical Clinic

20121027 (100)

Yes, this is the hospital already



inside Vision City last Christmas


no chewing of betel nut


carved wooden shields

carved wooden shields

20121104 (149)

20121104 (150)


carved wooden masks

Where we live

we live on that mountain

we live on that mountain

20121031 (101)

20121104 (134)

20121104 (135)

20121001 (114)

20121001 (112)


our house

For more of my Papua New Guinea adventures, please click on the PNG Archive. Enjoy!


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