Living the Moment

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Everything Misang
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how people watch concerts before


How people watch concerts now (photo from instagram @daphneop)

I just can’t help but notice this big difference. Personally I would prefer the first photo – everyone looks like they’re having so much fun, instead of those on the photo below who watched Rihanna behind their mobile phone/ camera screens. Gone are the days where people jump up and down, dance and sing their hearts out during a performance.

Yeah it’s great to take snapshots of the performer especially if you are almost in the front row with your top of the line gadget, but have your arms stretched the whole time just to take a video of everything?

Have you ever noticed that you are so busy checking your phone for emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram news feeds but your kids is playing alone? Or a party where everyone is busy posting photos on Instagram that they didn’t really notice a party is going on.

We are in the world where technology can instantly capture everything. Mr. Jobs and everyone else made it possible. It has a lot of benefits and it sure turned the world upside-down. But one thing that’s not right about this – these things take us away from reality, into our own four-inch world of pixels.

I am sometimes guilty of that too. But a phone ad and this blog post made me realize that we are so busy capturing the moment that we sometimes do not feel we are there.

Let us not forget to live and enjoy every moment instead of just capturing it. Talk to people, have fun, smell the ocean breeze or the heat of the sun in your skin, be tickled by your kid’s laughters, or a meaningful conversation with your partner…the pictures, excitement and the experience retained in our memories are the best than those in ourplastic chips.


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