Independence Day at March Girls Beach Resort

Posted: September 16, 2013 in Misang in Papua New Guinea, Misang's Travels
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Papua New Guinea celebrates its 38th Independence Day this weekend. And because it’s a long weekend for us, we decided to hit the beach and just bum around.

Our friends who were already here in PNG way longer than us are the ones responsible for picking the destinations. They already went to Loloata Island a few weeks ago (sad for me, I wanna go there) so this weekend, they decided to go to March Girls Beach Resort.

March Girls Resort lies along the Magi Highway near Gaire Village (outside of Port Moresby). It’s more or less an hour drive from town. If you see the Loloata Island signage, it means March Girls is just a few minutes ahead.

The road is generally OK except for some dirt roads and potholes. A bit dusty during the summer season and muddy when it rains. All mountain and trees, and very few houses but there are a couple of portions where people have these mini-market (selling fruits, vegetables and other produce) and the what we call 7-11 (a cluster of stores selling Betel nut, smoke, and drinks).

The Journey to March Girls


along Magi Road


along Magi Road


along Magi Road


along Magi Road


along Magi Road


along Magi Road


along Magi Road

To Loloata Island

To Loloata Island

We arrived at the resort a few minutes past noon. It’s so hot but you can already feel the breeze from the ocean.

parking area

parking area



the menu for today

The place is well-planned and very private. There are huts for picnics, a restaurant, and I’ve read there are also conference and entertainment area. They also have a bar and they also provide catering. There’s also a mini-hotel for tourists who wish to stay overnight.

This place reminds me of Beach Resorts in Bataan. Very tropical, because of the coconut trees and some landscaped areas.

The entrance is PGK 6 per person for a day tour. I’m not sure of the overnight rates so you may want to check this site for reference. They do allow food to be brought inside but they do not allow drinks (soda and alcohol) inside the resort, but we were able to sneak some inside. They do not really check you know. But the guy (I think he’s the supervisor) comes in at the cottages from time to time to check for ‘undeclared’ goods.

the beach frontthe beach front

my girl already wants to swim

my girl already wants to swim

the lifeguad post

the lifeguard post


the beach on my right


the left side


a coconut hut


another view

here's a 360 degree panoramic view of the beach

here’s a 360 degree panoramic view of the beach

Actually it’s just a simple beach resort – nothing really grand about it but we still enjoyed our stay here. The cool breeze and the tropical feeling is just perfect for a day of relaxation with friends, a couple of beer and good music.

I admit, PNG isn’t really a place where you want to live and I really do not expect it to feel like home, but I still give it a chance. I’m just really starting to see what PNG has to offer. Hubby has been to Sogeri, and I’m sure our friends had been to a lot of beautiful places here. I’ve read about a lot of unexpectedly good destinations here and I can’t wait to visit them all.


with our friends


my family

Papua New Guinea – the Land of the Unexpected. We’ll see…


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