Escape to Tagaytay

Posted: August 11, 2013 in Misang's Travels
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It’s our daddy’s one month work holiday this month. I was able to book ourselves a one-night Tagaytay getaway.

I bought a voucher at Deal Grocer for Php 4,000+ a few weeks before he arrived (overnight stay at deluxe room with buffet breakfast). Not a bad deal actually because one night at Taal Vista deluxe room costs roughly Php 6000+ without breakfast.

We arrived at The Picnic Grove around 8 a.m. We walked around the place first to enjoy the cool weather and fresh air.







When we went to the viewing deck, we saw the zipline and cable car area. I really wanted to zipline but we decided to ride the cable car instead so the three of us can enjoy the view.



Zipline and Cable car costs Php 300/person for a two-way ride and includes a photo of you inside the car or hanging in the zipline.

After our ride, we hit the nature trail to get the other area of the Picnic Grove. We just let Iya run around and play while we sit and watch her.



Then we went to the horseback riding area. Upon entering park, Iya already saw the horses and all throughout the walk, she kept on saying “sakay na horse” (ride the horse). And so we did…


awww…poor horsie


that’s me and Iya

…and I swear I am never going to ride another live horse again! E.V.E.R. It was one the scariest thing for me! We just had one round and just had our photo taken. That’s it. I was sweating like hell when we went back on the waiting area.

After the Picnic Grove, we went to Leslie’s Tagaytay for our lunch. We had a big bowl of Bulalo and Crab in spicy coconut milk.

We just finished the Bulalo and had the crab packed and brought to the hotel. I will not enjoy eating the crab in spoon and fork…I have to eat it with my hand drenching in coconut milk haha




the famous Taal Lake

The view of the Taal Lake while dining is exceptional. We were seated near the viewing deck. The food is great but it’s kinda overpriced for normal people like us (hehe). All in all, we had a great experience at Leslie’s. We’ll definitely go back there.

After our lunch, we stayed for a bit at Starbucks just beside the restaurant because it’s still too early to check-in. We didn’t realize we had our lunch at 10:30 a.m. and check-in time at the hotel is at 2 p.m.

PhotoFancie2013_08_12_17_00_09_wm_1After an hour, we drove our way to Taal Vista. We passed by Sky Ranch, which is also part of our itinerary.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by their friendly staff and they led us to the check-in counter. The transaction was smooth and fast because I already booked our room online. They even gave us two ride vouchers we can use at the Sky Ranch





And ta-daaa! Here’s our room



I chose a room at the Lake Wing so I expected it to have a view of the lake. But I was kinda disappointed with this


I called the front desk to ask if we can transfer to another room in the Lake Wing. They told me that I have to pay an additional Php 1000 for a room upgrade. We didn’t bother moving anymore because Iya is already settled in our room.

PhotoFancie2013_08_12_17_02_46_wm_1And that’s what you get with group deals…

We just took a quick rest and prepared to leave for the Sky Ranch.

It’s a newly opened theme park in Tagaytay. It houses the tallest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines… the Tagaytay Eye. It’s even bigger than the MOA Eye and it’s seated feet high above the mountains in Tagaytay that’s why it’s now considered the tallest



We toured around the place. There are still places that are under construction and the rides are not yet complete (I think). Here are a few of the rides you can enjoy



The Nessi Coaster


The Super Viking


Baby Viking


Wonder Flight


Train Express


The Carousel


I think there are two or three more rides i wasn’t able to take a picture of. Anyway, we bought ticket for Iya so she can ride the carousel. Her ride is free coz she’s still under 3 feet but the parent should pay for the ride.

Then we bought 2 tickets for Daddy and Iya to ride the Train Express.



And for our finale




the view from the top

We used the vouchers at The Eye. Each ride costs Php 150/person. We have 2 vouchers so we saved Php 300. Not bad!

Entrance to the Sky Ranch is Php50. Childrrn below 3 feet are free to enter. Each ride costs Php 50 for both adult and children.

We just spent around an hour at the park. There’s not so much to see yet but if you have a kid with you, they will surely enjoy the rides.

We bought dinner and just brought it in the hotel. We also bought a few drinks so hubby and I can have a simple bonding while watching FIBA 🙂

The next morning, we woke up early and went downstairs to The Ridge for our buffet breakfast.

They had bacon, a wide variety of breads, make your own omelet station, salad station, fresh fruits, different soups and rice and beverages.





After our super heavy breakfast, we headed out to the viewing deck to take photos and just enjoy the place before we check out.










So there goes our short vacation. We enjoyed everything we went to – the food, the place, the weather…but the bonding moment is the most priceless of them all.


our family selfie in front of Taal Vista


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