The Fake Longchamp

Posted: July 4, 2013 in Everything Misang

Some time ago I vowed to myself (with hubby as my witness) that I will never buy an LC bag..why? Here are some of my reasons:

– too many are already carrying it

– it’s too expensive for a nylon bag

– it doesn’t look expensive enough

– there are too many fake LCs that if you carry an authentic one, some people might still think it’s fake

So there..

And because of recent LC commotion in an online garage sale I’m a member of, I suddenly got interested. I wasn’t able to ‘mine’ the 2nd hand LCs sold but it’s enough to catch my attention. So I looked for a reputable online store that sells authentic Longchamp bag. I searched for a simple Navy Le Pliage medium long-handle. I also made some reading on how to spot fake Longchamps and here they are:

Camera 360

The handle length should be proportional to it’s size. If it’s too short for a long handle type or too long for a short-handle, chances are it’s a fake.

Also notice the material. Fake LCs have shiny material and is not that thick compared to the original one.

20130704_125651_wmThe new logo has no line between the jockey and the snap.

The logo should be at almost perfect center.

The leather of the flap should have the signature diamond pattern and the grain is not embossed as deeply as the logo. The fake ones are like fish-scale-y

An authentic bag has a jockey logo embossed on both the leather AND the snap.

20130704_125228_wmThe button should say “Longchamp 1948”

20130704_125443_wmThe jockey logo is deeply engraved and detailed you can even see the hooves of the horse

20130704_125309_wmThe back of of the button should say “ORIGINAL PRYM 6/4B”

20130704_125736_wmLongchamp uses YKK zipper

20130704_125552_wmLongchamp Pliages have round logo zipper pulls, which can be gold or pewter depending on what shape the bag is. Real one is super detailed, and on the fake, the body of the jockey and the horse blend together

The logo on the pull should say Longchamp 1948. You should be able to distinguish the C and the G on authentic bags.

20130704_125829Original LC should have reinforced snaps

20130704_125938The word “Longchamp” is above the stitch

The wording is also deeply embossed and is easy to read.

20130704_125916The words “modele depose” has diacritical mark on the E or simply accent mark on top of the letter E.

20130704_130016_wmReal Longchamps have rounded leather tab

20130704_130049Real longchamp uses high quality leather so the handle is stitched flat and no tubing inserted.

20130704_141643Fake bag leather looks hairy and the edges jagged. Real one is also raw but is smooth and clean. Notice also that the embossed jockey logo is still visible at the back of the flap.

20130704_141712Real one has a plastic tag sewn neatly to the side of the bag. Most of the Les Pliages are made in China, so please don’t be alarmed if your tag says “Made in China”.

ImageForSharing_wmYour LC should also come with a paperbag and care card. Mine has the option if you want to get the paperbag (I want the bag..not the paperbag..LOL)

Although these tips are for the Le Pliage, similar attributes can be also used to authenticate other Longchamp Collections. I dont claim to be an LC expert. I have gathered all these info from various websites and blogs.

I’m happy with my purchase..I think it’s authentic. And now I understand the LC’s your perfect everyday bag. This is my first LC… Will there be a bag no. 2..or 3?

We’ll see..


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  1. cindy says:

    Purchased from eBay and was concerned made in china unlike others made in France. Sad but I believe my LC to be authentic thanks to your info. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Miranda says:

    just about the tag inside the bag saying where it’s made/item number etc. Which side is it on for the authentic bags? where the zipper ends (ie when the bag is fully open), or where the zipper begins (bag fully closed)?

  3. hatefake says:

    Here’s why I think majority of the Longchamp bags sold online nowadays are high quality replicas… And now I highly doubt the authenticity of the other brands.

  4. jen says:

    hi does the LC bag have a rosegold/bronze like zipper pull?I purchase a LC lepliage in an onlineshop (they claim its original) Please help

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