Posted: May 30, 2013 in Everything Misang, Freebies

This is a super late post. Di ako maka-update ng blog coz of some crappy internet service provider named SmartBro.

Anyhoo, I wrote last time that I got The Spa GCs from Instagram. I decided to use them for Mother’s Day! I had the most wonderful day of relaxation and a bit of shopping for myself. It’s refreshing and invigorating kahit na it’s just a few hours of being away from my motherhood duties.

These are some photos I have taken during my day-off 🙂

The Spa Trinoma

The Spa Trinoma




I was asked to change clothes and before I head into the steam bath, snapshot first 🙂


this is what you’ll see upon entering the massage area. this hallway leads to the lounge and shower areas


this is their mini-counter with a huge mirror


lounge area..opposite that are the shower rooms


the shower area


the massage bed

I fell asleep during the massage (who doesn’t???). I woke up feeling really relaxed. The therapist assigned to me was a petite woman with amazingly strong arms kaya her massage really feels great. BTW, I got the traditional hilot massage. Though I expected the bone-breaking ritual like what my Lolo Hiling does to us when we were young kids when we have fever, it felt like the usual massage and yup, no broken bones hehe!

After the session, I waited in the lounge area and was asked if I want ginger tea. I’m not into ginger tea but I asked for one. One sip, and I put it back na sa table, I really don’t like it kasi their tea is tooooo sweet.

Next is my manicure and pedicure that’s also included in my prize

it's so cozy inside the mani-pedi area

it’s so cozy inside the mani-pedi area


a vintage lamp hanging on the ceiling


my therapist. I forgot her name na but I don’t like the way she cleaned my toenails. parang galit na galit sa kuko!

All in all, it was a really pleasant experience. I promised to myself I will definitely come back until I saw the receipt..

Traditional Hilot Massage Php 1,600

Mani/Pedi Php 600

Hehe, umandar na naman pagiging kuripot (stingy). It was a lovely experience but i think it’s overpriced. Well, it’s just me.

Thank you again The Spa Trinoma for my Mother’s Day treat. 🙂


You can check out how their other services and how other branches look like at


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