Celebrate Motherhood

Posted: May 15, 2013 in Misang's Motherhood Journey


I thank the Lord for the gift of motherhood- the gift of being able to bring out another life into this world and nourish her with my body.

Being a mom made me more patient, more understanding and to appreciate life more.It has taught me to (figuratively and literally) stop and smell the flowers. I learned how to find happiness in small things such as her first step, or a song only mommy can understand.

Now I know that little kisses from choco-smothered lips and tight hugs from dirty little hands can be irritating and exciting at the same time. I discovered that reading a book aloud for the nth time or watching Dora the Explorer until I memorized the lines can be tiring but it also means spending quality time with my daughter and I can never thank God enough for the opportunity to be with her every minute of her life.

I learned that changing diapers, washing bums, bathing, changing clothes, picking up toys, sleeping in a bed that’s so generously occupied by someone smaller than me every single night is a sign that motherhood has taught me the meaning of true love.


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