It’s Not Easy to Claim Discounts

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Freebies
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It’s a Sunday! My cousin and I decided to hit the mall after going to church. I really plan on going there this week because I have to buy some stuff for Iya.

Whenever I go to SM, I never forget to bring my SM Advantage card. I just had it renewed around 2 weeks a go so I got a new discount booklet from SM. I tore off 2 pages from it – the one with the 5% discount from SM Department Store and the other with a 10% discount from Watsons.
imageI also transferred my dad’s Globe Reward points to my mobile and converted 390 points to 200 SMAC points plus the additional points I got for renewing card early, making me around 350 SMAC points richer.

Oh well, I decided to buy a tote bag so I can replace my now-really-old-tote-slash-diaper bag. I’m not much of a brand buyer so I chose the one with Php 449.75 tag on it.

When I showed my coupon to the cashier, she told me that I have to get a DR first, that’s a receipt from the merchant where I bought my bag. Ok so I went back to the display area and asked for that DR. It took them around 15 minutes or more just to give me the receipt!

Such a hassle for a 5% discount huh?! IMO, the coupon transaction should be on the cashier na and no more waiting time…but hey, any store won’t just give you any discounts unless they are on sale so they will give you a hard time before you can claim it!

So anyway, I paid for my item and decided to redeem my SMAC points. My then 450-peso bag now costs just around Php70! Not bad. 🙂

We then went to Watsons to buy Iya a rotating toothbrush. I found out about Watsons brand electric toothbrush in this blog post. I also read in baby websites that electric toothbrushes make toddlers’ teeth cleaner and sometimes making brushing time more fun for kids.

I found the Watsons brand electric toothbrush which costs Php249 and replacement heads for Php149 for 4 pieces.

The night before pala, I saw Watson’s promo on Facebook, the 50 on us. You will just text BCODE ONUSF to 5656 if you’re a Smart subscriber then they will send you a code which you can scan in their scanner and you will get a voucher worth 50 pesos which will be deducted to your purchase of 300 and up for Watsons brand product. That’s an instant 16% off for a 300-peso purchase. Just check out their Facebook page for the promo mechanics.


I computed that the 50 peso discount is more sulit than using my 10% voucher (which will give me around 30 pesos off only). So I just used my 50-peso coupon. And again, it was such a hassle! First, they found out that the toothbrush was marked down to 199 pesos, which is not really bad at all, but the cashier doesn’t know what to do with the coupon because no memo has been sent to them yet regarding the promo…


So another lady has to run off to somewhere to check how to use it and if I can still use it even on discounted items. That’s another 20-30 minutes of wasted time.

Please SM, if you are giving your customers some discounts or promos, can you please make it easy for us?

All in all, I’m happy naman with my purchases…Being the kuripot that I am (now), I will use every discount coupons I can get. I just hope that next time, getting these discounts won’t be such a hassle.


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