Some time last year, my husband and I finally decided to buy a house and lot for our family.

So off we went house-hunting along MacArthur Highway in Malolos. We went down to two final choices – North Madison in Guiguinto and Camella Provence in Malolos.

We loved the houses in North Madison. Although there are only 3 models available, all of the houses are really lovely and the place is proven to be flood-free. The downside? It costs a LOT! Yeah we could afford it BUT we have to consider the risks like can we sustain paying a certain (huge) amount in 10years? What if my husband’s contract abroad will not be renewed, where will we get the money for our monthly amortization?

So we finally settled for a house in Camella Provence. It’s a bit cheaper and we can already get a 3-bedroom house for the cost of a 2-bedroom in Madison.

Then we met up with the agent in Camella office and started with the documentations. We paid Php 20,000 for the reservation and agreed to pay the 20% downpayment in 9 months.

It feels good to finally do something for our dreamhouse.


Then around the 4th month of our DP, hubby came across different blogs and forums regarding complaints about Camella Homes – delayed commencement of the construction, substandard construction materials and methods, undocumented payments and a lot more. Just search “Camella homes complaint” and Google will give you all the information you need.

We got really alarmed of what we found out. Good thing my husband has a relative working in Camella head office. We immediately contacted her and she assured us that she will help if any dispute arises.

This month will be the last month of our down-payment and we will already start with our amortization. So far, I think the schedule is already delayed. They told us before, and it is even written on the contract, that once we reach 15% of the down-payment, add one month for the documentation and the construction of the house will start already. Well, we paid our 15% last November…and it’s already March! Our house loan just got approved last January and it was just released yesterday!

This is the main reason why I will go back to the Philippines this weekend. To sort out everything regarding our house. I don’t want any further delays anymore! And we want to make sure that the materials and the construction will be of good quality. We even hired a friend to help me counter-chek the accomplishments every month.

Please Lord…I really hope this house will not give us any headache…

  1. jomer taruc says:

    hi there. im so excited seeing ur dream house nabubuo na. we had just reserved an elaisa model here at camella bataan.dami ko nabasa mga complaints sa internet about their houses. i want to know if u had experience those problems too.thanks.

  2. Arthur William says:

    Let’s see if the relative can help you fix this one … I want to see how long my FB page lasts …

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