Love Letter from Daddy

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Misang Celebrates...
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And we have a guest writer! Daddy wrote a letter for Iya and decided to post it here.


For Iya’s 2nd birthday!

daddy and iya

daddy and iya

There were lots of things that happened before you came into our life…You were supposed to be our second baby but unfortunately, it wasn’t ate Angel’s time. Mommy had a miscarriage and we were very sad that time. Almost everything is not going right then. Daddy resigned on his job at the wrong time and couldn’t find one. Also, daddy’s mommy wants our lives to be fixed and live the life that’s not dependent on to others but only on to ourselves. Daddy actually don’t know what to do that time. We prayed very hard to give us the will to be able to make it to each and everyday.

One day, Mom told me that she thinks she’s pregnant again. That’s the time you came to our life. From the first time Mom and Dad knew about you…everything just got very light. Things are properly falling into place. Daddy got his job back, Mommy underwent a successful operation to keep you intact inside her womb and Dad’s mom noticed that we are trying our best to be independent on everything so she’d forgiven us. Everything went smoothly up to the time you were born.

The first time Daddy saw you inside the nursery room, I was so scared, excited and very happy. Daddy knows that you’re his little baby girl. Daddy felt it. Daddy couldn’t even explain the feelings the first I held you. You were very small, light and very, very cute. Daddy then promised to himself that I will do my very, very best to give you and Mom a good life.

Two years passed and you’re still the same small, light and very cute baby that daddy held and loved. They say that promises are made to be broken…but Daddy doesn’t have any intentions of breaking that promise and will keep it until Daddy’s last breath. You straightened Dad and Mom’s lives. You pointed us to the right direction and in your small way, showed us how happy we can be as a family. For this, Mom and Dad thank you and will keep loving you until the last second of our lives.

There will be more birthdays to come. Bigger problems and challenges you will face. But I want you know that you will not face these things alone… Mommy and Daddy will always be behind you and point you to the right direction just like you did to us.

Daddy and Mommy loves you so much…like 1000000000000000000 times. 🙂

Love, Dad


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