My birthday this year fell on a Sunday so we decided to celebrate it the day before so hubby can still rest the day after. We decided to have lunch at the Royal Papua Yacht Club.

It’s both our first time to eat here, actually to eat out somewhere that’s not inside Vision City. The guard on duty told us that we won’t be able to come in coz this place is like a “member’s only” place. We just told the guard that we are just going to have lunch there and he let us in.

Inside is a large, airy place with a pleasant deck overlooking the harbour. The place is also decorated with interesting pieces and memorabilia from PNG history to life member photos.

We walked around the place first and took photos (using my new camera phone lens). The marina is really nice and the restaurant is really spacious. At first we chose to sit outside for the “Al Fresco dining experience” but we realized it’s a bit humid and Julia is starting on her tantrums, so we just transferred inside their air-conditioned area.

They only have one restaurant here, the Macdhui Restaurant and Bar which has a really nice set of menu from appetizers to main entrees to grilled meat and dessert. We ordered a Rib Steak Fillet (with Dianne Sauce and chips) and a medium Meat Lovers Pizza (Minced Beef, Ham, Pepperoni & Mozzarella Cheese on a Tangy BBQ Sauce). The steak can be shared by two persons so good thing we ordered just one and it’s kinda expensive. But hey, it’s my special day so we indulged a bit. We just paid around PGK120 for the meal including the bad-tasting iced tea and two Cokes in can. Not bad at all since we took home the portion we weren’t able to finish. LOL! Anyway, the food is really good. The pizza is so Pinoy-tasting but the steak is not so tender but it’s good.

You can check out the Macdhui Restaurant Menu here.

So there goes my birthday party. 🙂


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