Birthday Post

Posted: November 4, 2012 in Misang Celebrates...
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Yup! It’s my birthday today. This year has been a great year for my family and there are a lot of things to be grateful for.

First, I’m thankful to be able to stay at home and be with my baby. I’ve been a SAHM for 2 years now (yes, still!). There were moments that I get tired of the simple life I have put myself into but at the end of the day, I’m still (and always) thankful for all the hugs and kisses my kid and hubby gives me. Of course I miss working. I sometimes wonder how will my life be if I returned to work. I wish I have other things to do other than babysitting and house-chores. Well..maybe not right now. I can’t give up this life yet. There are still a lot more things Iya has to discover and I can’t miss those moments. I also thank God that I was able to breastfeed Iya until now.

I am forever thankful to God for my good husband. He loves me, he takes care of me,and understands me especially at times when my self-esteem was at all-time low (home-sickness + SAHM blues). He understands my moods and tries to cheer me up.

I’m grateful for hubby’s job. Because of that we were able to buy a house, a car maybe, Iya’s birthday party, the wedding of our dreams, buy all the stuff that we need and want. I’m thankful that he doesn’t get sick. I’m just thankful that he is a good provider, that’s all.

I’m always thankful that my kid is healthy and she haven’t been really sick except for minor cough and colds and she’s not maselan (picky eater) and not allergic to anything. She’s active and smart and really adorable. What more could I ask for.

I thank God for my friends and relatives who keep me sane and keep me grounded. Friends, although I don’t get to see them for years now, are ones I can turn to for anything, anytime. They’re just out there on the web waiting for my emails. I’m also thankful for being a N@Wie and have a lot of online friends. These people, even though I don’t really know them, they give the best advise of all. Their emails also keep me company at times that I don’t have anyone to talk to or when homesickness strikes.

I thank God for my good health. Also for my family. No one got hospitalized or had any major illness. Except for my grandma’s (father side) death, I’m thankful that everyone in my family is in good shape. I thank God for my dad’s good health and he’s turning 50 this year.

I’m thankful that the three of us are together, unlike last year. Although this is not my ideal place, I’m still happy that at the end of the day we all sleep in one bed under one roof. Although next year I might not be coming back here. I’m planning to put up a business to keep myself busy and also to finalize everything for our new house.

There are also things that I wish I could do next year and the years to come but I won’t tell them. Birthday wishes are to be kept secret until they come true. 🙂


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