When I Go Home

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Everything Misang

I am so tamad to blog these past weeks so I thought of the things I want to do when we go back home. I so miss the Philippines and that’s mainly because PNG is really, really different.

Anyhow, here’s my list of things I wanna do when I return home:

Go to church

Would you believe that we haven’t been to church ever since we got here and it makes me feel so guilty. our main reason is we don’t think that it’s safe here. although some of the Filipinos we know go to church every Sunday but I’m not really sure about that. hindi talaga ganun ka-safe dito lalo na sa lugar namin. We just watch the Sunday Mass on TV. yes, i know it’s not enough but we try to give an hour of our time to reflect and thank God for all these blessings.

Hit the mall

The malls and establishments here are just so-so. The best you can go here are Vision City Megamall , Boroko Foodworld, Waterfront Foodworld, Brian Bell, and Courts. I miss the smell of SM, Trinoma, Glorietta, and Greenbelt. It’s already “ber” months and I think the malls back home already have Christmas decorations. (sigh…)

Get a massage, foot spa, and facial treatment

Being a domestic diva is stressful contrary to what others believe, specially if you have a toddler who would throw everything her arms can reach. I cook, I clean the house, I clean poop, bathe a baby, do the laundry, wash the dishes..name it, I have probably done it. I don’t think they have a spa here, unlike in Manila or Bulacan where you can see a salon or spa every 500 meters or so. If ever they have, it would cost us a fortune. Everything here is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e.

Get a haircut and hair treatment

I saw a salon in vision city but I never really thought of having my hair done here because I’m not really familiar with their products or the kind of service they give. I guess I’ll just wait next year for my hair treatments.

Shop for new clothes for me and iya

Good thing I brought a lot of clothes here. their style and fashion is so different (hello culture shock) and it seems like people here are not so particular with the way they dress. I once bought iya a pair of sneakers worth pgk22, that’s roughly php400 but looking at it, it would just be php100. and again, it’s cheaper to buy stuff in the Philippines.

Pedia and dental check-up for iya

We asked our friend here if she knows a pediatrician because it’s time for iya’s immunization. well, to my disappointment, she just knew a general physician, not a pedia. mas may tiwala pa rin ako sa mga doktor sa atin. good thing she doesn’t get sick but I’m worried about her immunizations. also, I want to bring iya to a dentist to have her teeth checked because the set is almost complete. So again we’ll wait for next year for iya’s check-up.

Enroll iya in a playschool

We live in a condo-apartment here. we have neighbors of different nationalities and I seldom see kids so Iya has really no playmates. I want her to experience playing with kids her age.

That’s all for now. i can’t think of anything else to do.

Happy Friday! 🙂


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