Iya at 20 Months

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Misang's Baby Iya


I read somewhere that a toddler learns faster if they can actually hold the object you are teaching them. And I tell you, it works!

On her last pedia check-up in th Philippines, she was given plastic alphabet by her doc. That started our ABC. I also bought her wooden numbers. Now that she’s 20 months, she has mastered the alphabet; just by using those letters, and also watching Brainy Baby and Baby Einstein Videos (I can’t really impose the No TV rule in the house). I don’t want her to be kabisote when it comes to those things and she’s still young and kids normally learn the alphabet and numbers at around 2 years old. I just noticed that that she’s interested so I pushed through with teaching her.

 Well, I don’t really mean to brag but she’s 20 months now and she can already sing ABC song, though not completely and she just sings along with me. She can follow Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Old MacDonald, and BINGO. She can also recognize shapes and colors:

 Blue – boo

Orange – juch (juice)

Yellow – ow

Green – g

Grey – jey

Purple – popo

Star – kar

Circle – c

Heart – hatch

Oval – (odul)

She also loves to read book and can recognize almost all the pictures in there. Her vocabulary has also increased. For her age, 10-50 words is the average. I can’t keep track of how many words she knows already and how many of them she can actually say but here are a few:

 Ball, car, juice (juch), mama, daddy, iya, the names of her uncles jojo and jayjay, tree, apple (papol), kangaroo, boy, girl, shoes, bye, hello, swim, sun (sas), tree, cup (ka), hat, fish (sish), ice cream (aykim), train (chuchu), egg… just to name a few. When she wants to watch a video she says “chu-chu” for Dora.

 I’m so amazed with her development!

Then just a few weeks ago, she started counting things. Not just reciting the numbers but counting coke bottle caps one by one! If you give her 3 caps, she’ll just count three, if you give her six, her counting will be up to 6.

 Oh my! We have a smart kid here and I’m so proud!

 By the way, I owe it all (her being smart and all) to breastfeeding. 🙂


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