I’m not yet done with our wedding. Here’s the Part 2 of our wedding preparations. And here are the important wedding details.

Our motif is blue and pink. Just blue and pink, no certain shade whatsoever. At first I thought of using citrus colors bilang summer naman ang wedding namin. But hubby wanted it to be not so girly and said he wants blue. Then I saw this photo while browsing wedding motifs. I just love how the pink flowers stood out kaya if you’ll notice, everything is blue but the details are pink.

blue and pink motif

I did our Save the Date but just posted them on Facebook Event

Our Wedding Rings from Goldenhills Trinoma

I did the invites for our wedding. Since ours is just a small gathering with just a few close friends and family, I decided to just print the invites myself.

Here’s the inspiration for the invites. since I cant do the pocket thingie, I just din the 3-fold kind of invite. I just spent around Php 15 per invite for the paper, ribbons and tapes ( I used double sided tape to secure the pages) then add na lang the printing cost if you’re going to have it printed.

our DIY invites

here’s what it looks like inside

Misallettes are also DIY

I also printed the souvenir tags for the cupcakes and sponsor gifts

For the wedding candles naman, I first looked for a supplier online. I found Princesweds and loved her works kaya lang the items are kinda pricey. So my cousin suggested that we decorate our own candle na lang. We bought a big candle and 2 small candles for the Unity candle set. The offertory and lighting candles were bought from Barasoain. I spent lang Php 550-600 for our candle set. The gems on the candles are those fake earrings na nabibili sa market. I’m still able to use the pair na nilagay ko lang sa candle.

Our Wedding Candle Set

For our arrhae, we first considered buying Unity Coins but it’s kinda expensive pero maganda talaga sa pictures and it’s worth keeping and we’ll be able to give it to Iya by the time she gets married (woah! tagal pa nun!). Then hubby suggested we use PNG coins. And we thought na parang it symbolizes yung naging luck namin nung nakapagwork sya sa PNG. So ayun, he brought home 13 pieces of 20-toea (to-ya) for our arrhae. Each coin is almost Php 4 in value.

I bought na lang a metal case and the pillow is included in the gown package.

Arrhae Coins

Our Arrhae Pillow

Bible, Cord and Second Veil were bought from The Wedding Library

Mini Tags for the Secondary Sponsors from Iprints

My wedding shoes. I wanted sana something I can still use after the wedding kaya lang I can’t find a pair na bagay sa dress so pikit-mata ko syang binili. Good thing is it’s not that expensive so di ganung nakakahinayang.

Our cute signing pens bought from Tods SM North Edsa at Php 55 each. The W@W bagtags were ordered from Iprints together with the gift tags for the secondary sponsors

Gifts for the Principal SPonsors and Parents: Red Wine from M&S and Mini Barasoain Church

miniature barasoain church (photo from thegialloantico.blogspot.com)

The highlights of the wedding naman on my next post.


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