Please Behave

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Everything Misang

I was listening to The Morning Rush this morning (yes, I still get to listen thru Tune In Radio app) and their Top Ten topic goes like “The Top Ten Rules for Social Networking”. I’ve read quite a number of posts about social networking ethics and I feel the need to write my own post about this.

You see, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging has been a big part of my everyday routine since I became a SAHM. This is my past time specially whenever there are these lull moments where I really have nothing to do.

So here it is. I just limited this to 10, and these are the things that annoy me but I admit I’m guilty to some of the entries.

  • It’s ok to post photos of yourself but please not everyday, or worst, around 6 photos in a day? We know you’re pretty and you look young but you are starting to annoy me. Also, guys, SHIRTLESS? Hello?! I won’t say anything anymore, I know you get it.
  • Don’t make “parinig”. If you have something to say, be a real bitch and say it to their face!
  • Please don’t post you whining (especially in your job) in your status. You are just sharing your bad vibes to your followers. If you don’t like your job, then quit!
  • I love Jesus and I believe in Him but really, sharing His photo doesn’t really prove that especially if the punch line says “Continue scrolling if you like the devil”.
  • Don’t grab someone’s photo and labeling them as yours; don’t claim a tweet that’s not really yours. Give credits.
  • I would likely not follow you if your IG comment goes like “I’ll follow back everyone who will follow me” or “Like 5 photos of mine and I will like 10 of yours”. Spell P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.
  • Don’t tag people if they’re not in the photo, or worse, tag them in ugly photos!
  • If you are angry with your friends, boyfriend, etc, there’s a place for that and that’s not Facebook/IG/Twitter. These are created to connect with friends and make friends, not to create enemies and spread hatred and bad vibes.
  • Celebrity or not, please do not flood timelines.
  • Please stop inviting people to games, apps and others nonsense stuff.

That’s it. There are really no rules in social networking. Everyone has their own sense of what’s right and what’s wrong. I know a lot would disagree on some of my entries but hey, this is my right and wrong.


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