Mi Laik Go Long

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Misang in Papua New Guinea, Misang's Travels

The phrase actually translates to “I would like to go to”. We’ve been here in PNG for 3 weeks already. I’ve already seen a few places but haven’t really visited their local tourist spots. Here are some photos of the places I have been. Some of these are already posted in my FB account but limited to my friends only.

Our road trip along Waigani Road. The building with the red facade is hubby’s office. The green one is their local bank, Bank South Pacific or BSP. The blue bus is their passenger bus. It has no airconditioning so imagine..:) Then the rest of the road is Waigani Drive.

Sovereign Gardens. This is our first home here. Actually hubby already lived here for a year now with his housemate Restie. It’s such a nice neighborhood, with a pool and playground for kids. Mixed nationalities din ang nakatira dito – Chelsea’s family is from New Zealand, the unit next to us is Mirufa and her daughter Harini from India, and then Alice’s family is from France. We also have neighbors from Fiji, and the Ambassador of Indonesia also lives there. And there are a lot of kids too kaya madaming playmates si Iya. The compound is safe pa with a 24-hour security and fences with high voltage wires. There are also maintenance guys that take care of the rubbish, the pool and the whole compound. The place is also near hubby’s office, mga 5-minute drive lang, and malapit din sa Vision City. Sayang lang coz we have to transfer na kasi the contract for the unit will expire soon.

(phot from pambarrameda.multiply.com)

Boroko Food World. This is where most of the expats go to shop. Ok naman, wide variety of Asian stuff. Mostly food ang binebenta nila. This one is bigger than RH Supermarket in Vision (I think). Dito din ako nakakita ng mga chips from Pinas, though hindi ako bumili kasi sayang naman hehe.

Vision City Megamall. This is considered as their biggest commercial center in POM. Compared sa atin, siguro mga thrice the size ng South Supermarket sa Malolos tapos 3 floors. Inside is RH Supermarket na almost complete naman but few choices for the Asian stuff. Pero meron naman mga nakasanayan kong brands like yung mga Knorr cubes, Datu Puti, Lorin’s patis, yung mga brands na familiar ako. Wag lang magko-convert kasi halos 3 times ng price sa atin yung price nila dito. Nung una ako bumili ng ice cream hesitant pa nga ako kasi 1.5L cost around 400 pesos na, tapos yung coke na 1.5L is 100 pesos. Presyong 7-11 hehe.

some of the products in RH Supermarket and Boroko Food World

May bookstore din, housewares, appliance center, sports boutique, clothes…hindi g ganun kadami yung choices pero at least meron pa din. There’s also a video shop (di uso piracy dito) and toy store na Pinoy ang may-ari. Madami rin restos sa Vision – fast food, yung parang food court sa atin, Japanese Resto, coffee shop (BonCafe and Figaro), and biggest is yung Dynasty Seafood Restaurant where we ate last Sunday kasi akala namin Father’s Day na!

We ordered Shrimp Rolls, Mi Goreng noodles na super sarap kahit spicy, Yang chao fried rice and salt and pepper ribs. Natatawa nga kami kasi nasa PNG na kami pero yun pa rin inoorder namin. 🙂

Koki. This is where we moved. Not so much of a tourist spot. There’s an open market here, lots of people and the place is so busy. I can compare this place to Recto (hehe). I took a picture of the Turtle Art in the roundabout, then you can see the Koki Market from our terrace. Top right is Walter bay on the right side of our unit and below right is also Walter bay, the side kung san nakatira yung mga tao. They say lang that this place is not so safe for expats so try to avoid this place very early in the morning and at night.

Stop N Shop in Koki. We bought some of our supplies here when we moved to Koki and I won’t go here anymore unless I need to buy Coffee Mate. The place is kinda small and not so much products to choose from.

This is our unit in Kwila Apartments. The house is really nice. You don’t really need to use the fan coz it’s really windy and the doors and windows are so big to let the fresh air in. I think we’ll be here til September then we’ll move to Yorkshire.

So there…so far these are the places I have been to here in PNG. We’ll be here for a year or two so we still have lots of time to go around. Maybe you noticed that most of my photos were either taken inside the car, grabbed from other websites, that’s because PNG is not really safe for expats, I mean not all placaes are not for expats to go to. Hindi naman super not safe but be careful na lang when driving or stopping at any place. We haven’t done that though, yung magpicture-taking sa labas kasi medyo we are thinking of our safety. Maybe if you have a local with you, you can do that.


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