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Posted: February 26, 2012 in Misang's Baby Iya
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I already tried using cloth diapers (traditional lampin) on Iya around four months ago and it lasted for just less than a week (read here and here). Weeks after that, my SIL and I are discussing cloth diapers and then just last week I found out that she started using it on her baby! So now, I decided to buy (really buy) cloth diapers. So I started browsing some online stores and emailing cloth diapering moms asking how they really started.

I found out that there are a lot of CD brands to choose from – there’s Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers sold at Caleb’s Closet and costs P1,100 each with two inserts, I also found there the brands Babyleaf, Bummies, Bamboo Dappy (too bad I didn’t catch their promo). There’s also Next9 Tushy Wushy but it’s not the one-size fits all type. Then I saw these Next9 One-sized CD sold at Mama.Baby.Love and Indigo Baby for P1,000 for a set of 3 and it already comes with 1 insert each.

In the end, I decided to buy (gasp!) the most expensive one – the Charlie Banana brand.

Charlie Banana in Pink Butterfly and Girl Robot designs

Iya and Charlie

I bought 2 pieces as my starter. But why this? Because this is the brand my SIL used. I’m not being a copycat or anything but I decided to buy the one she has tested and already using. I’m not really sure if I can sustain CDing but it helps if you actually know (and see) someone who uses it. Somewhat gives a confidence booster.

Two nights ago was our Day 1. I let her sleep in her Charlies, with two pads inserted. She had an uninterrupted sleep (except for nursing) and her pads were not that soaked. The inserts are really absorbent. So the following morning, I replaced it with a fresh set of dappies and washed the other one. So from morning til noon, she wore that same shell (the diaper cover). What I did was I just laid the insert over the shell and placed a folded bird’s eye on top of it. Every time she pees, I just replace the bird’s eye with a fresh one. When she pooped around midday, that’s the time I replace everything, including the shell. It’s also good that the shell dries up fast; if you line dry,it’s ready to use in 3 hours under the intense sun, but better if you spin it (low level please) to dry it faster. For the inserts, it took a whole day to dry under the sun (without the drier) so it’s better to stock up on extra inserts.

Oh I really hope I could do this! I’m already getting the hang of it. Another reason for my CDing is because disposables are quite expensive in PNG, and switching to CD is a good way to help with the household finances. Building up your stash will cost you a bit of fortune but in the long run, you’ll see that you’re not just saving money, you also help in saving the earth because you don’t have to throw 90 pieces of diapers that take at least 500 years to decompose, and you are sure that your baby’s bums won’t get rashes because CDs are 100% chemical free!

Hmm..here’s a little calculation: Iya uses around 3 diapers per day. That’s 90 pieces per month (at least), and it costs us at around P1000 per month on diapers. Then I bought 2 Charlies for P2,200 and 6 Next 9s and additional inserts for 2450. A total purchase of P4,650 then *click-click-click* it will take around 4 months to see my real savings. Meaning in four months, I already got back the amount I used to buy the cloth diapers by not buying disposables (confused?) whatever! It’s all about savings, mother earth, and my baby’s healthy skin. Even the fraction of the cost of detergent, water, and some electricity (if you are spin drying) is still at minimum compared to using disposable diapers for a year. Darn! I should have done this a long time ago!

For now, I’ll use CD on Iya at daytime and disposables at nighttime (strictly 1 diaper per day). I noticed that if I place two inserts, the diaper is a bit bulky and may not be so comfy to sleep wearing it so I opted to use disposable diaper at night. I’m just a newbie so I’ll do this one step at a time. maybe in the next few months I’ll be eliminating the disposables completely. Good luck to me… 🙂

For some articles on cloth diapering, Dr. Lei’s articles have been really helpful. You can read it here.


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