Julia’s First Haircut

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Misang's Baby Iya
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The other day, I posted this photo saying Iya badly needs a haircut

mommy, i can’t see!

So yesterday, my cousin Julius and I brought Iya to Cut 4 Tots in SM North Edsa for her first ever haircut…here are the photos!

we just let her play for a while to make herself comfortable

and then we made her sit in the barber’s car, er, chair

and then manong the haircutter arrived!

iya touching her long hair for the last time

he snipped off the first lock of hair and gave it to the receptionist for the certificate

he sprayed her hair with water….

he first started to work on the back part. surprisingly, iya just sat there very still, just watching Disney. Good girl!

and then she started wriggling when manong started snipping off her bangs

so mommy to the rescue! I had to play with her a bit to ease her down

and it’s done!

aww…her face lightened up after the haircut! she’s so cute

in front of the salon before we left

and here’s your reward for being a good girl… 🙂

I was so relieved that she had a pleasant first haircut experience. I was so amazed with guy who cut her hair, I mean, he really can handle kids as young as Iya. By the way, the haircut costs Php 250 and if you avail the First Haircut certificate, you have to pay an additional Php 140. Woah! When I was a child, haircuts didn’t cost that much! hehe!  But the heck, I want all the best for our baby. And you’ll just have your First Haircut once.

I’ll end this post with this photo

guess who?

  1. judith says:

    ..spitting image of mommy..nice to see how relieved Iya and Mommy..and having fun before, during and after your haircut. ;D

  2. JustAgirl says:

    Aww…. she is looking super cute in her new haircut!

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