So, I have already written about the party’s venue, food, and all. Now here’s what happened at the party.

We went to the venue at around 12 noon to bring in the prizes and other stuff and to have a look at what the venue looked like. I was really impressed how Mang Jojo of Matt Balloons transformed the place into a sosyal-looking birthday party (haha). I wrote on the invitation that the PARTY WILL START AT 1 PM, but because Filipinos have their own time, most of the guests arrived late (yes, even my dad) so we started the party at around 2 p.m.

Opening prayer by Ninong Jay

after the prayer, everyone started to sing “Happy Birthday” to my baby girl

flashing a big smile at her singing guests

we hold the record for the MOST number of kids in a party (haha) most of the kids in our family, and my friends are all 0-2 year olds so they can’t join the games yet

The winner for “Bring Me” the longest belt – Nico

Clown: SIno nasa 5-peso bill? Liam: Manny Pacquiao (LOL)

mommies taking back their 500-peso bills

bringing in the dancing Lolas, Lola Patring and Lola Imelda

Aunts and Uncles for the Balloon Relay

the clown entertained the guests with a balloon twisting show while waiting for the food to be served

picture taking with the guests

more guests…

…and a lot more!

before the party started, all the guests were invited to take part of the raffle and the candy jar guessing game

here comes the magic show!

it’s time to sing Happy Birthday to Iya

Happy birthday, Iya!

Ninong Jay to pop the Balloon Burst

Nicole, the winner of the Candy Jar guessing game. She guessed 120 pieces, just 1 piece above the actual number! So close!

the winners of the raffle

giving out of loot bags and souvenirs (the kids suddenly showed up..hehe!)

Haaay..there goes the whole event. Everything was really, really fun. All of the guests had fun (I hope so), and I can see that my Iya also had so much fun in her party. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us. You can view more photos in my Facebook account

  1. nades says:

    hi sis. nades here from n@w. congratulations! nice preps and party. my aren will also have his birthday (3rd) in shakeys (katipunan). i availed of their amenities and cake, so that i will not have anything else to think about. like you, i have more adult guests than kids. we’ll also have raffle because the manager at shakeys said 2-3 games lang daw ang ipapalaro nila.

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