Last December 30, a day before my baby turned 1, we had her birthday celebration at Shakey’s Malolos. We had an afternoof fun, games, food, and prizes. Almost everybody I invited were able to attend. Thank God the weather is fine and my baby’s in her best mood. So here’s a recap of the birthday bash:


I already blogged about my preps here.

the Venue

Food: c/o SHAKEY’S MALOLOS (Php 160/head and Php3,700 for the Giant Pizza)

the food consist of 1 piece chicken, spaghetti, 2 pieces mojos, 1 slice of pizza and a garlic bread and a glass of iced tea – perfect for merienda!

we also had the Giant Pizza

everyone enjoyed the Giant Pizza

…that it was gone in a flash!

Chocolate Fountain for dessert, also from Shakeys’s (with additional fee)


Yummy moist chocolate cake with fondant icing from Red Ribbon

Loot bags and game prizes from Shakey’s

Balloon Decor from Matt Balloons

Clown from Shakey’s (additional fee) kakaaliw tong mga clowns na to..they really made the party lively.

I got my cousin (a photo hobbyist and member of Bulacan Letratista) to take the photos. Shempre libre sya haha!

These suppliers really made my daughter’s party special. Everyone deserves a top grade. I may have spent a little more that what we expected but everything is all worth it. Just look at that smile




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  1. JustAgirl says:

    Aww…. that price is really priceless! Amazing pictures!

  2. Conelle esguerra says:

    Hi ask ko lng po sna If how much pa po unginadd mo for the clown and the balloon decors?thank you po

    • marissa says:

      Hi conelle!

      I paid 2500 for the clowns, contact sila ng shakeys malolos. Then un balloons, around 4k sya lahat pero di na ako nagbayad ng corkage kasi pinawaive ng cousin ko who used to work there. Dapat 1000 un corkage fee e

  3. khris says:

    Hi ask ko lang if ok ba ang Shakeys as venue? I mean mag eenjoy po ba mga kids? thanks

    • marissa says:

      I chose Shakey’s kasi nga walang gaanong kids sa party ng anak ko 🙂 given a choice (between fastfood chains), I’d still go for Jollibee lalo pag marami kang kids

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