saying bye-bye to babyhood

Posted: December 19, 2011 in Misang's Baby Iya

We were cleaning up stuff the other day (old clothes, shoes, anything) to be brought to our house in Hagonoy for storage. Most of them were Iya’s stuff – her duyan, bouncer, the umbrella-like mosquito net, bolsters, her Mickey Mouse comforter, walker, toys, shoes, training cups and bottles, and old clothes. Woah! That’s a lot of stuff for a baby. I felt this senti feeling while folding her small clothes; my baby girl is a kid now, she’s not the small, fragile baby anymore.

Newborn Iya and my almost 1 year old Iya

So, as I pack her stuff, I was telling her stories of where she wore a particular dress, who gave a certain toy to her, how she likes to put her feet up in her duyan when she sleeps, or the first time she walked using a certain pair of shoes – just stories of her being a baby. It was like our ritual to say goodbye to her baby things.

I even found her hospital gown hidden among the box of old clothes, the one she wore in the nursery. I wonder if  it still fits her. Maybe I should get it again and try it on her. Will post a picture of it soon.

So there, I’m just being senti.


  1. JustAgirl says:

    How quickly they grow up!

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