Julia’s Birthday Party – Preparations

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Misang Celebrates..., Misang's Baby Iya

Woooh! I’m so excited. I’m already preparing for Iya’s birthday party. So now that I have already decided on what I want for the party, here’s a little diary of my preparation.

December 2, 2011 – Date and Venue booked!

The party will be on December 30, 2011 – a day before Iya’s actual birthday. I first sent sms to my friends and relatives to ask them if they can come if I will have the party on the 30th, and I got positive replies so 30th it is!

For the venue, I first inquired at McDonalds in BSU coz it has Disney theme. After lots of thinking and consultation, I realized that I wasn’t expecting too many kids for my guests so having a party there is a no-no. So I decided on Shakey’s along McArthur Highway. I considered it because of the food for the adult guests. I don’t want them to be just eating McDonalds meal on my party so a Shakey’s meal wouldn’t be that bad. I also considered the number of guests and Shakey’s can accommodate all of my almost 100 guests.

Shakey’s MacArthur Highway

inside the function room

For Shakey’s party detail, click here. They don’t usually allow other suppliers coz they have their own contact persons, but it still depends on your negotiation. You have to pay additional corkage of Php500 for each supplier that you will bring in. In my case, I got my own balloon decor and cake.

December 10, 2011 – Souvenir and Prizes

At first, I was thinking of having a photobooth for the souvenir but the supplier from Shakey’s is kinda expensive (Php 7,000 for 2 hours). Instead, I just bought Barney stuffed toys to give out to the guests. I found a seller in sulit.com. She gave me Php 55/piece for a 6in Barney toy that can be also used as keychain.

Barney keychains

I also bought additional prizes for the games aside from the ones provided by Shakey’s

Major Prize for Boys

Major Prize for Girls

Consolation Prize for Boys

Consolation Prize for Girls

Prize for Mommies

Prize for Daddies

We also decided to raffle off some prizes for the enjoyment of the adult guests

Raffle Prize

Raffle Prize

I also bought additional items for the kids’ loot bags

mini picture frames

Bensia Pencils

December 12, 2011 – Balloon decor and Cake

I booked Matt’s Balloons for the venue’s balloon decor. Shakey’s have their own balloon supplier but I refused to book them because I want to discuss the decor personally with the supplier. And this supplier has already established a good reputation in Malolos so I am confident that they can do it very well.

For the cake, I initially want to get it from Goldilocks but when I inquired, they told me that they don’t accept cake orders for the holidays (darn!). So off we go to Red Ribbon. They don’t have Barney, so I just chose from their available cake designs. I will just place Iya’s Barney toy as the cake topper. Here’s the cake design

It’s hard to pull a really nice party together but so far, I think I’m doing good. 🙂


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