breastfeeding station – sm north edsa

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Misang's Motherhood Journey
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We went to SM North EDSA yesterday to do some Christmas shopping. I don’t have a choice but to bring Iya with me coz now that she’s a bit older, she wants to be with me every second. She doesn’t even want to be with her Lolo.

For the whole day at the mall, we had 3 nursing-in-public sessions. The first one, I did while we’re having lunch. Then, after lunch, while shopping at the Department Store (sitting at the Men’s shoe section!), then at McDonald’s. Luckily, no one interrupted me like this incident in SM Megamall that created an outrage among the breastfeeding advocates.

Anyway, I was able to use the SM NE’s Breastfeeding Station. Well, not really used, we just went in there to look around (haha). Actually I was even surprised when I saw the sign coz I wasn’t really expecting to see it there.

the set up is the same with the other SM Malls

What I loved about it

– same with the other malls, it’s cool and quiet and private; the mother and the baby can breastfeed with comfort.

– it has a clean sink with hand soap (but no mirror)

– it has an electrical outlet for those who use electric pumps (and chargers hahaha)

– generally, the place is clean.

What I don’t like about it

– it is located n the lower ground floor at the corner near BenchFix Salon. Really, really far from where we usually shop; bagsak sa accessibility

– no magazines, not even a newspaper (mothers get bored sometimes while BFing)

Having used several BF stations in different malls, I noticed one thing common to all of them – they are all located at the farthest ends and corners of the mall, which is a problem to us breastfeeding mommies. When the baby gets hungry, we can’t just tell them to wait a little longer while we hurry our way to the other end just to use the BF station they allotted for us. Lucky for me, I already gathered enough confidence to nurse in public so I don’t really need to use the BFS. I’m more concerned with the other mommies. We don’t want any more SM Megamall incident.


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