pa-pa-pa- party!!!

Posted: December 8, 2011 in Misang Celebrates..., Misang's Baby Iya

My baby girl is turning 1!

I’m so excited! I’m already starting to prepare for her birthday party. At first, hubby and I weren’t really intending to have her first birthday here but due to unforeseen circumstances, we both decided to throw a birthday bash for her before we leave. And besides, it will be more fun if we celebrate it here with our family, and surrounded by familiar faces than having it there with a bunch of people we don’t really know. It’s just so sad hubby won’t be here to celebrate with us. Oh, well, maybe we’ll just have another birthday party when daddy’s here already.

For the past few days, I’ve been busy planning Iya’s party – guest list, theme, venue, and some other details. I feel soooo excited about this! Same level of excitement when we were still preparing for our long-postponed wedding.

I’ve been planning on having some DIY projects, like the invites, souvenir tags, some game paraphernalia, etc. So far, I’ve already bought some materials and already done with the invite layout. Already sent out the Save the Date email. The event will fall on the holidays and people tend to be out somewhere so I sent them out early so they won’t make any plans for that particular day, also, for me to estimate my guest list.

As of today, I already have my venue, including the food, program, party amenities, the cake ( which I am now intending to get from a different supplier). I already closed my transaction for the souvenirs which I will get on Saturday. Yey!

Sigh… I need to finalize everything before Christmas. I still have to visit my in-laws before Christmas, meaning, I have to stay there for several days to bond with them, meaning, I won’t have time to work on my DIYs…yaiks! Plus, I still want to enjoy the Christmas break so my party planning mode is up this early. And we, especially hubby, want this party to be really special for our unica hija that’s why I have to prepare this early.

Ohhh, I’m gonna enjoy this!


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