happy 11 months, julia!

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Misang's Baby Iya

Dear Julia,

It’s your 11th month!

You are getting big now and growing up so fast. I can still remember when you were still a little baby growing inside my tummy and how could I forget the moment I first heard you cry…It amazes me how 11 months ago, you came and changed our life in a drastic, but magical way.

You’re almost a year old, and starting today I will always cherish your baby moments and will always remind myself that you’ll never go back to being a little baby. Well, after next month you will officially be a toddler! You just keep getting bigger, smarter, more curious and you’re growing up to be a cute little kid with big, flashlight-like eyes and cute curly hair. I sometimes miss the days when you were still so small, our breastfeeding struggles, your daddy struggling to change your diaper coz I can’t get up because of my stitches. We will never have those days again.

I noticed that you have learned a lot from the past month. You’re now eating a variety of foods. You love eating rice with anything. I want you to eat healthy so I try my best everyday to cook healthy meals for both of us. You still love to nurse from mommy – a lot! I will also cherish all the remaining moments that you are nursing from me coz I know that you’ll be weaning off mommy’s breast anytime, though I wish that you’ll nurse from me til you’re at least 3 years old..hehe

Your vocabulary has definitely increased this past month. You always say “mamama” to me. You recently learned the word “cat” and say it sa “tat”, “tar” for car, and “buh” for ball. Of course you can also say “papa” or “dada”, and there was a time I heard you say “lolo” but that was never repeated.

You also love watching your Brainy Baby, Baby Einstein and Dora videos. You even dance to the songs, just swaying your body left and right. You stand up in front of the TV when you hear Vic Sotto’s Tide TV ad and when the GMA Christmas ID is being shown. That was so funny and really cute.

You know how to fake a cry when you look for me or you want to be carried. You sometimes throw tantrums (I call that tantrums) when I remove you in front the TV (coz it’s bad for your eyes), or I take away your toys just for fun! I love it when you do “beautiful eyes”…that was really, really cute. And also, you like playing peek-a-boo a lot- behind the curtains or just by placing your hands in your eyes.

You already perfected your crawling skills. I sometimes see you in a position as if you’re about to get up on both feet and stand. You love to climb anywhere, as in anywhere. I sometimes see you standing without holding on to something and then suddenly realizes it and grabs on to me. You’re on your way to being an independent kid, but admit it, you still need mommy.

Don’t worry, this month we’ll be practicing your walking. It would be great to see you walk before you turn 1, but no pressure there baby. 🙂

Time flies so fast. I will not wish for you to be a baby forever. I want you to grow and see the world for yourself. Mommy and Daddy will just be here to guide you. We love you so much, you’re our little bundle of joy!


Mommy and Daddy


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