cloth diaper giveaway

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Freebies

Ok, so my cloth diapering is an epic fail! I just did it for 5 days…and then went back to using disposable nappies because I became kinda lazy with all the washing and stuff. But I still want to give it a try. I’m still contemplating on buying those cutesy modern cloth diapers whenever I browse online stores.

Then I came across this giveaway by Caleb’s Closet Ecostore hosted by Chronicles of A Nursing Mom. They are giving away one Yellow Charlie Banana One-sized Cloth Diaper.

For those who are new to cloth diapering, here’s a simple photo explanation of how this diaper works:

I’m so envious with one of my former classmates who read my blog coz she has already started using this kind of diaper system and I haven’t (yet)! She said she just read it on one of my posts and just started using it. Well, I hope that if I win that cloth diaper, I would start using it too.

So go now and visit Chronicles of A Nursing Mom and join the giveaway. You have until December 8. Good luck!

*so here’s the deal: am gonna buy the 6 pieces for Php6000 diaper from caleb’s closet if i win this giveaway*


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