sit like a princess

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Misang's Baby Iya
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It’s been quite a while since I saw Iya sit by herself for the first time. Since then she’s been practicing her new discovery. It’s just now that I realized that she can actually sit up on her own! From her tummy position she would push herself up to her sexy pose then sit, or sometimes she would push her body up to kneel then sit.

sit or stand?

her kneeling position

Yey! Finally able to sit up by herself

Yey! Another milestone reached!

Oh, I told you that she can already pull herself up to stand and now, she loves to stand A LOT! She now also takes her tiny little steps while holding on to the wall or whatever her hands can reach.

she would stand up while supporting herself with just one hand! so brave…

And recently, she can now pull herself up our bedroom. At first she would step on a pillow to climb up, so I removed the pillow so that she won’t be able to do it. And now, look at her….

I loved it that her development is a bit advanced for her age and that she has strong bones and muscles, but what she does really scares me. I’m scared that she would fall and have a broken arm, or her head hit the floor. I sometimes miss the tiny baby just lying on our bed cooing with just her hands moving, but she’s a growing kid and I’m so thankful that she’s growing up to be a tough kid ready to explore the world. 🙂


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