breastfeeding station – sm baliwag

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Misang's Motherhood Journey
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This is my third time to use the BF station to feed Iya. The first one was in SM Megamall but I wasn’t into blogging yet so I never cared to take a picture, second one’s in Glorietta’s family lounge where they placed really small booth and labeled it as BFS (Breastfeeding Station).

And also, I don’t usually use BFS whenever I feed Iya coz I use nursing clothes when I go out. But there are instances that you can’t just feed in public, and in this case in SM Baliwag, there was no sitting area where I can do it plus there were lots of people (it’s a Sunday) so Iya won’t be comfortable with all the noise.

So now that I was able to use a decent BFS, I decided that I’ll take a photo of every BFS that I will use.

there were two comfy chairs

clean sink

What I loved about it

– it’s cool and quiet and private; the mother and the baby can breastfeed with comfort.

– it has a clean sink (and with a mirror too, so moms can retouch after feeding hehe)

– it has an electrical outlet for those who use electric pumps (and chargers hahaha)

– it has a changing pad…but the sign says you can’t change your baby’s diaper inside the BFS. I think this one’s logical, you won’t clean your poop in the place where you eat right? So what’s the changing pad for?

– generally, the place is clean.

– this is the best one so far: one of the rules in the BFS states that the room is strictly for breastfeeding use only, bottlefeeding is not allowed inside the breastfeeding station.

What I don’t like about it

– it is located inside the mall’s clinic at the farthest end of the mall. So when your baby cries and you are at the other end, you’ll have to walk all the way to the opposite end just to feed. By the time you reach the BFS, your baby is exhausted from crying because of hunger.

– it has a clean sink but with no soap or sanitizers

– no magazines, not even a newspaper (mothers get bored sometimes while BFing)

– what’s the wheelchair doing there? It’s a BF area, not a storage area. (Well, I don’t really mind as long as it doesn’t get in the way)

So watch out Breastfeeding Stations…I’ll be watching you *evil laugh* :p


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