i’m in high school once again

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Everything Misang
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Ok, this is kinda off from the motherhood topics that my blog is but I can’t help myself not to write about it. I started downloading Dawson’s Creek from Torrent. I just had this urge to watch it again, in between waiting for Gossip Girl 5 episodes. This series was first shown while I was in high school and I can’t help but relive my high school days. And the soundtrack, I Don’t Wanna Wait by Paula Cole instantly sends me back to those days.

For the younger generations, this story is mainly about Dawson Leery and Joey Potter who grew up in Capeside, a small in Massachusetts. Their relationship evolved from childhood  friendship to a romantic love. This also tells us about their struggles to adolescence along with their friends Pacey Witter and Jen Lindley.

This was first shown in 1998, I was second year high school then. I remember the kilig and how I really appreciated the storyline because I can totally relate to the characters. So fast-forward to 2011, 13 years after, I’m watching it again and I realized how much I have grown and matured. 13 years ago, I have no idea of how my life will turn out. And today is my “13 years from now”. Hay…life is really unpredictable. And now, I’m watching them again as a 28-year-old, in whole new different perspective. I’m now watching it from an adult’s point of view!

Let me end this post by a quote from someone (I forgot where I read this):

“Dawson’s Creek is a show about 15-year old kids throwing profound lines at each other” LOL!

  1. jenibo says:

    I think you meant it started in 1998?

    I never really caught on to Dawson’s Creek. I think at that time, I was watching Boy Meets World. But I can relate. When I was in high school, a TV channel started playing reruns of My So-Called Life for the first time, and I was hooked. It fit so perfectly. When I watch it now, about seven or eight years later, it’s really different. Sometimes I’m sad that I’ve grown out of that part of me, but I am happy that there will always be other shows for my current demographic.

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