typhoons and new yorkers

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Everything Misang

I realized I haven’t posted anything in the past two weeks. Thanks to Pedring, I was disconnected from the outside world and been forced to use the super bagal Globe Mobile Internet.


Our house in Hagonoy got flooded. It was waist-deep inside the house so dad has to go there to clean up and save all our stuff. Luckily, the water did not reach the second level (our house is split-level type) so the bedrooms were spared.Dad did not sllow us to go to Hagonoy coz the roads are not passable, so it could be dangerous for me to walk through the floods with Iya. We just stayed at home until all the typhoons were over.

We also celebrated Iya’s 9th month. Only her Ninang Kristine was there to go with us. It’s just a simple McDonalds “party”

Happy 9th month Julia

My favorite Gossip Girl has just started it’s 5th season. With Blair preparing for her wedding to Prince Louis, Serena making a name for herself in Hollywood, Dan tried to hide the juicy contents of his book, Chuck turned into a total daredevil, and Nate shacked up with a va-va-vroom cougar. I’m ready to fall for Chuck Bass again. The first episode was great…Blair Waldorf is pregnant! But with whom? The Prince or the newly-turned daredevil Chuck? We’ll see. Episode 2 to be shown tonight.

Oh, I hope Blair and Chuck will still end up together. 🙂

Yes, Then Zero

And then last October 4, I already had my medical exam for PNG visa. This is it! I hope everything goes well.


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