Four Christmases

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Misang Celebrates...

oohhh.. i can already feel the christmas air! as you all know, hubby’s in PNG to work. i’m not sure if we can spend christmas together. this would be our first christmas as a real family, meaning, now that we have iya, we are now officially a family.

as christmas is coming near, i can’t help but reminisce my christmas moments with hubby. this will be our fifth christmas together, so let me share with you our past four christmases.

christmas 2007

in this photo: me and jhay, me portraying eden with chris as panday, jhay the guitarist, and the dls band (daw)

we’re not yet together here. he’s just kind of courting me. but wait there’s more, this christmas party is the most memorable of all coz on top of the manansala tower, two people kissed for the first time! ok, cheesy…but really, we had our first kiss here, which makes this party the best of all.

christmas 2008

our second. although we’re not in the same office anymore, he still made an appearance at the party when he brought me there and fetch me after to bring me home. i still had fun though.

we weren’t able to spend 12.25 together but he stayed in our place from 26th til 29th. we even had a street party the day after christmas coz he brought ate lea and phil along.

christmas 2009

wedding preps made our last half of 2009 busy. we were so lucky we got invited at the weddings@work christmas party. the earliest christmas party i attended ever coz it was held last 11.27 at the blue leaf. we had so much fun in this party, lots of freebies and we got to meet the wedding matriarch ms. benz rana and my fellow w@wies. we also met atty. raymond fortun! yes, the lawyer.

after almost a week we were back in blue leaf again, this time for the company’s christmas party. he just stayed there the whole time…waiting. oh, poor hubby. but i was able to bring out food for him and his friends kept on going out and giving him drinks! haha! i think he ended up having more drinks than anyone.

christmas 2010

he’s back! because we are already married, i was able to bring him along in our christmas party. i’m already pregnant here so i don’t look so good. haha! the hormones, and the sweets did that to me.

our first christmas tree!

our first christmas as mr. and mrs. tupino. this is the next best christmas coz we are already waiting for our best christmas gift – iya! most of the gifts that we received were for the baby.

happily waiting for baby julia

hmm..where will our christmas 2011 be?

I wish to spend Christmas here with hubbby…please Lord..:)



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