nine months and counting

Posted: September 22, 2011 in Misang's Motherhood Journey

Iya will be turning 9 months in a few days and I can’t believe I’m still breastfeeding up to now. I can still remember that i almost gave up on my 5th month because I’m so not comfortable with nursing in public. I can’t just go out and leave my baby. i always have to bring her along.

But now, i feel stupid thinking that i almost gave up nursing just because i want to go out..tsk tsk tsk! well, that’s not the most shallow reason i heard. i even read somewhere that some lady didn’t breastfeed her children because she’s afraid that her boobs will sag. talk about vanity!

my breastfeeding self-shot

above is my best breastfeeding photo. i don’t have any problems anymore showing some skin in this photo. and posting it here just shows how confident i am now with breastfeeding. and now, at my 9th month, i can say that i’m more at ease with nursing in public. why? because breastfeeding is God’s gift and i want to show to everyone how blessed i am to be able to provide the best for my child.

that’s what really boobs are for, right?


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