iya at sm baliwag

Posted: September 17, 2011 in Misang's Baby Iya

Yesterday we went to SM Baliwag coz her Lolo Noel is (finally) going to buy a new TV. And while we were busy listening to makukulit na sales staff, here’s what she did…

rode on different walkers

awww…she looks so cute!

She also played on a crib at Baby Company while we were buying another walker for Dianne. She got so aliw with the crib that we left her there to play while Daddy’s taking a look at the walkers. Maybe she’s so cute that the sales staff just let her play on the crib. Forgot to take a picture coz mommy’s so busy going through all the items, and ended up buying this

Pigeon Magmag Spare Straw for her straw cup

There’s also a display of Pooh stuff toys and of course mommy won’t pass on the chance of having our picture taken with them!

first picture was “sablay”…so we have to have another picture taken

hmm…pwede na (poor Lolo the photographer)

And then we got hungry!

We ate at Greenwich (pizza craving!) Iya’s so malikot pa rin so we placed her in the high chair which later, sinukahan nya coz I was forcing her to eat..hehe Bad mommy!

It was a fun afternoon, maybe she got really tired from all the the things she saw that she fell asleep on our way home. :)

P.S: Lolo Daddy paid for everything! Yehey!


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